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Sunday Services

Below are links to the services from the main auditorium here at RBC

November 2023

Sunday Morning November 5, 2023

"How to be Miserable."

Sunday Evening November 5, 2023

"The Dangers of the Devils Brew."

Sunday Morning November 12, 2023

"The Last Words of a Warrior."

Sunday Evening November 12, 2023

"Do We Really Have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

Sunday Morning November 19, 2023

"Thanksgivings Gates and Courts of Praise."

Sunday Evening November 19, 2023

"This Old World and Her Entitlement Mentality."

Sunday Morning November 26, 2023

"The Bible Bond Slave."

Sunday Evening November 26, 2023

"Why it is Foolish to Deny the Existence of God."

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